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Operating a restaurant is a job that never ends, certain tasks need to be repeated weekly if not daily. One chore that needs done on a continual basis, is cleaning. Even when you leave the restaurant in pristine condition, it requires a thorough cleaning after the next business day. 
No matter how great the food is, if the first thing the customer sees coming through the door are dirty floors, the rest of their impression is going to be negative. If they find a dirty restroom, they may not even make a second visit, concerned the restroom reflects on other areas that they cannot see. Even worse, in this age of social media, they might send out a negative tweet to their friends. This is the reason many business owners hire CleaningB's commercial services. 
Listed below are just a few of the different services we provide in our Basic Package, of course other items can be added as your needs dictate.
Commercial Cleaning 
Commercial Cleaning 

  • Floors / Mop / Vacuum
  • Dust Surfaces
  • Restrooms
  • Break rooms
  • Entrance Glass
  • Other / As Requested*


* We are happy to take on specific tasks either al-carte or in addition to our basic services. Please discuss pricing with your cleaning specialist.



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